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Where to Eat and Drink in Downtown Atlanta

"A truly unique experience in Atlanta, the iconic Sun Dial restaurant atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza gives diners a birds-eye view of the city skyline from 723 feet above the street."

Dinner in Atlanta: Sun Dial Restaurant

"The Sun Dial is the classic must-visit. My first visit to this Atlanta icon was dazzling from my first steps into the Westin lobby, and as I rode the elevator up to the 71st floor, I was in total awe of my view of my hometown and its lights. The decor of the restaurant is classic and lounge-like; definitely classy, but with seats that encourage you to settle in while you’re enjoying your meal."

" I make no secret about my love of soup, as I think it’s an appropriate food choice year-round, and the sweet potato soup has become my new standard to measure all other soups against. It is a perfect, velvety-smooth puree accompanied with oil made from local pecans and a spiced pecan powder."

" As entrees go, there are some lovely choices on both the seasonal and signature menus, but my own favorites were the balsamic short rib and the brined pork chop. The short rib begins as a visual treat with its French-ed bone presentation, and is served with a great red wine sauce and horseradish cream that adds nice acid and sharpness to what could have been a heavy dish. The accompanying risotto had perfect texture and was exactly the right creamy element the short rib needed. The pork chop had a great brine and the exterior char added needed smokiness and crunch to what can be a very simple cut of meat."

" The Sun Dial offers some truly great desserts, but there were a few stand-outs: the seasonal pumpkin mousse is fantastic. It has all the familiar flavors of childhood memories and family pumpkin pie recipes, but it’s presented in a new way and the texture is light and perfect."

" Make the effort to go to this classic Atlanta spot. You’ll love the view, you’ll love the food, you’ll love the atmosphere."

Atlanta’s Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving Brunch and Dinner

" Take Thanksgiving to new heights at The Sun Dial, perched 71 floors up atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza building. This year, the iconic downtown Atlanta establishment, which is recognized for its unique southern-inspired menu, features a pre-fixe Thanksgiving meal with all of the traditional dishes you would expect, from classic turkey with buttermilk whipped potatoes and apple sage stuffing to garlic green beans, as well as delightful additions like creamy Vidalia onion soup with tomme cheese and chives and pumpkin cheesecake with classic vanilla sauce and an almond twill cookie. And the entire experience is framed by the gorgeous 360-degree views of the city that have made The Sun Dial one of Atlanta’s most beloved locations. The pre-fixe menu, available from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., costs $70 per person."


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